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Water Heaters

electric tank type


hybridThe Rheem hybrid electric water heater features heat pump technology that makes it over twice as efficient as standard electric water heaters. That means if your annual energy cost for hot water is around $520, you could save as much as $286 per year! The Rheem hybrid electric water heater is also ENERGY STAR® rated. With a 50-gallon tank and a 10-year limited warranty, you’ll have peace of mind and plenty of hot water.


  • Savings on Electric Bills
  • Ease of use
  • Quiet for heat pump technology
  • Faster recovery of hot water


marathonThe Marathon will be the last water heater you will have to purchase for your home. You will save money on your electric bill. There is two and a half inches of insulation around the tank and that allows only 5º F heat loss in 24 hours! The Marathon’s efficiency saves lots of electricity, therefore more savings in your pocketbook. Its renowned durability eliminates buying a new water heater every 10 years. The Marathon does not need an anode rod, so it eliminates rotten-egg smell caused by typical anode rod interaction with sulfates found in many water systems.


  • Seamless, blow-molded, polybutlene tank – impervious to rust and corrosion
  • Pipe wrap energy saving kit included to achieve maximum energy savings
  • Polyurethane Envirofoam™ insulation helps reduce energy consumption
  • Factory installed vacuum relief valve so that in the event of a major pressure loss in the water supply the tank will not draw in and crack.
  • Limited Life Time Warranty on the tank

Tank Type Electric

traditional-electricThe most common way to heat water in the United States is with a tank-style water heater. Tank water heater units heat water even when not in use, to compensate for standby heat loss. Insulation between the storage tank and the outer jacket slows this heat loss, but cannot eliminate it entirely. To maintain a preset water temperature, the water heater must cycle on periodically, even when there is no demand for hot water.

Tank water heaters generally have about 70% usable capacity, meaning a typical 50-gallon tank has about 30-35 gallons of hot water for usage. If there is high demand over a short period – a family taking back-to-back showers in the morning or a vacation home packed with guests – the hot water can run out. When it does, homeowners have to wait for the water to get hot again.


  • Stainless steel lower heating element
  • EverKleen™ self cleaning device
  • Premium grade anode rod
  • Exclusive Rheemglas® tank lining resists corrosion and prolongs tank life
  • Isolated tank design reduces conductive heat loss
  • Over-temperature protector cuts off power in excess temperature situations
  • Automatic thermostat keeps water at desired temperature

Tank Type Gas

traditional-gasRheem tank type gas water heaters are low first cost and require no electricity. They have a low venting cost and Rheem offers a large variety of sizes. Tank Water Heaters provide a large volume of dependable, low-cost hot water. Fuel sources can be propane or natural gas. They are the most common way to heat water in the United States. Residential tank water heaters typically store between 20 and 80 gallons of hot water hot throughout, usually at the factory setting of 120°F. The temperature can be adjusted up or down by a control on the unit. Tank water heaters are typically located in the garage, basement or attic.


  • Guardian System™ – engineered to exceed ANSI standards for flammable vapor ignition resistance
  • Air/fuel shut-off device offers double protection
  • Maintenance free – superior air filtration prevents the flame arrestor from becoming clogged by lint, dust, and oil
  • Low NOx design for low nitrous oxide emissions
  • EverKleen™ patented system fights sediment build-up, reduces fuel costs, provides more hot water
  • Easy to light
  • Brass drain valve